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Nestor Martin EFEL Harmony 1 Oil Stove 9kw Room heater

Max Heat 2.2kw- 9KW To The Room

Minimum Heat Output 2.5kw to the room

Max Consumption of Oil: 1.05 Litres per hour on high

Minimum Consumption of Oil: 0.33 Litres per hour on Low

Efficiency 81.2% Efficient


In order to select the stove that’s right for you, please contact our showroom. and we’ll be happy to help and advise.

The Harmony 1 has the capacity to produce


Nestor Martin oil stoves are equipped with a high-efficiency stainless steel
vaporizing burner to ensure clean, thorough combustion. The burner is fed a
monitored flow of oil into the bottom of its cylindrical body, where the oil is
heated and becomes vaporized. As the vapor rises, it draws into the burner the air
necessary for combustion through critically positioned and sized inlets.
The flame is stabilized and the combustion process maintained at the right
temperature by the catalyzer. The heat output if the burner is controlled by a
carburetor, which is manually controlled, giving you total control of the flame height at all times

Each stove in the Nestor Martin oil
range is available for either diesel
or kerosene, and can optimize the
combustion of either type of oil.

Electric ignition
With an electric starter, lighting an
oil stove has never been so easy.
Should the electrical supply to your
house ever fail, starting the stove
manually remains a simple operation.


Accessible controls:

High-mounted manual controls allow
you to adjust the flame height and
heat output without bending over
or reaching behind the stove.

Easy installation
Nestor Martin oil stoves can be
connected conveniently to a new or
existing oil tank. The burner is gravity
fed, so no pumps are required.
Low maintenance

Environmentally friendly
Held to the strictest environmental
standards, our oil stoves are
designed to be non-pollutant, quiet
and odour free.


Additional information

Harmony 1 Oil Matt Black


Harmony 1 Oil Silk Black


Harmony 1 Oil Brown Enamel


Harmony 1 Oil Ivory Enamel