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Stovax Studio 3 Wood burning Insert

Studio 500 5.0kW 1.7- 7.0kW 75.8% ✓ 250mm (10”) 555 x 415 x 350 ✓ 153mm (6”)
Studio 1 5.0kW 1.7 – 7.0kW 77.8% A ✓ 300mm (12”) 745 x 415 x 350 ✓ 153mm (6”)
Studio 2 8.5kW 2.8 – 11.0kW 76.3% A ✓ 400mm (16”) 950 x 440 x 350 ✓ 153mm (6”)
Studio 3 12.6kW 3.8 – 16.0kW 76.1% A ✓ 500mm (20”) 1332 x 450 x 393 ✓ 153mm (6”)

In order to select the stove that’s right for you, please contact our showroom. and we’ll be happy to help and advise.

Encouraging Sustainable Woodland
We are working with Certainly Wood, our recommended Woodsure “Ready to
Burn” fuel supplier who pride themselves on making an impact on environmental
targets by championing sustainability.

The Stovax Heating Group is subject to stringent tests and we are proud
to be an ISO9001 and ISO 14001 accredited company, recognised for
our continued commitment to technical innovation, high quality products
and excellent customer and after-sales care. Our rigorous quality control
system ensures that all our appliances are safety checked and that they
comply with the appropriate regulations, with all fires in this brochure
bearing the UKCA and CE marks.

Similarly, our environmental management systems ensure we work in a sustainable
manner, whilst endeavouring to protect the environment by minimising any possible
impact from our operations.
Ecodesign Plus Stoves and Fires
Ecodesign emission and heating efficiency regulations aim to
improve air quality by minimising the level of permitted emissions
from woodburning products.

With all models in the Studio range meeting and exceeding Ecodesign efficiency
and emission standards, this outstanding range of woodburning fires has been
designed with your environment in mind - and therefore bear the Ecodesign Plus
label to help you easily identify their credentials as meeting standards for
ultra-low emissions.

Urban Area Approved
Many town and city homes are located in Smoke Control
Areas as designated by the Clean Air Act 1993. The Studio
500, 1 & 2 Cassette and Freestanding fires have been
approved for the burning of wood in these areas.

High Efficiency
All Studio fires have been designed to burn with high thermal efficiency, minimising
the loss of heat energy during combustion. Every model in this brochure is subject
to European energy labelling standards and almost all are rated as either A or A+
energy class appliances. Energy class and efficiency information is listed on each
stove’s product page for easy reference.

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