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Vitae 6kW Cassette Stove


  • Cassette Stoves with Crystal-Clear Views with Airwash System: Enjoy an unobstructed view of the mesmerizing flames through our advanced Airwash System, ensuring the glass stays clear and inviting in our Vitae Cassette Stoves.


  • Cool Touch Handle: Safety meets style with our cool touch handle, providing a secure grip without compromising on aesthetics.
  • Simplified Installation: Our Cassette Stoves are designed for convenient installation by a trusted professional.
  • Exceptional After-Sales Service: Count on our dedicated after-sales Stove service and technical support, ensuring you have peace of mind long after buying your premium Cassette Stove.
  • Versatile Frame Options: Choose from 3 or 4-sided frame Cassette Stoves, allowing you to customize the look of your stove to suit your space.
  • External Air Option: Enjoy the flexibility of an external air option on all sizes, catering to various installation preferences.

In order to select the stove that’s right for you, please contact our showroom. and we’ll be happy to help and advise.

Vitae 6kW Cassette Stove – EcoDesign Compliant Stove


Introducing our Vitae Cassette Stoves, meticulously crafted to elevate your living space into a captivating focal point. These stoves seamlessly blend contemporary design with cutting-edge technology, promising not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to your room but also unparalleled fuel efficiency.
Immerse yourself in the warmth of superior efficiency, as our Vitae Cassette Stoves leverage the latest technology to optimize fuel combustion. Experience the perfect synergy of form and function, where the alluring design complements the stove’s ability to channel more heat into your space. With Heat Design, expect not just a stylish centerpiece but also a smart investment that translates to lower fuel costs.
Transform your home ambiance with Vitae Cassette Stoves — where innovation meets elegance for an elevated heating experience.